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Best Weed Eater Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Owning your own home is a great source of pride, a sign that you have really come into your own and have started to achieve some important life goals.

However, it also means that all of the upkeep, both inside and outside your home, is your burden to bear.

In order to keep up your curb appeal, you need to have the right tools on hand, one of the most important of which is a quality weed eater.

And today we will help you find the best weed eater for you!

Weed eaters—also known as string trimmers, edgers, weed wackers, and weed trimmers—allow you to take care of small jobs quickly, but without sacrificing precision.

They are designed to be used to trim grass and weeds around fence lines, sidewalks, hedges, and other borders where a nice, clean line is needed.

If you want a lawn that looks as though it has been professionally attended to, a weed eater is a must. To help you make an informed choice, we have completed weed eater reviews for you.

Why You Should Purchase a Weed Eater

Since you are looking into weed eater reviews, you probably already know some reasons why you need one. Could you keep your home looking nice without purchasing a weed eater? Yes, you absolutely could.

However, forgoing a weed eater means significantly more manual labor on your part.

In order to take care of the trimming and edging, you would need to use manual shears along sidewalks, driveways, fences, and other edges present in your landscape.

This is laborious, time consuming, and likely to leave you feeling worse for wear. Using a weed eater gets the job done quickly, with little effort on … Read More

Whirlpool’s North American Appliance Group

Whirlpool’s North American Appliance Group has been realigned in 1994 in order to market separate product groups better and to provide better customer support.

Sam Abdelnour will retain his trade marketing director of Whirlpool products title as well as market all dishwasher, laundry and compactor products. Mark Wilson will become marketing director of KitchenAid products. Doug McQuillan will become marketing director of Roper and Estate products.

Kitchenaid Products

If it’s yearend, it must be time for Whirlpool’s North American Appliance Group to realign some staff.

This year’s shifts are designed to improve coordination of brand presentations in the field. According to an official here, salespeople currently make separate pitches for each label.

In the future, someone will be in charge of a unified sales plan by product, part of a double-duty setup.

Sam Abdelnour remains director of Whirlpool-brand trade marketing and takes on responsibility for nearly all laundry, dishwasher and compactor products.

Mark Wilson, previously national manager of Roper and Estate marketing, becomes director with KitchenAid brand focus and takes responsibility for most refrigerator, freezer and air-control products.

Doug McQuillan, who was national manager of Roper and Estate contract-trade marketing, becomes director with Roper and Estate brand focus and control over nearly all cooking products.

Each executive is responsible for all brands in his product category, except Kenmore. Each one also represents trade marketing in the appropriate product business teams, or PBTs: Abdelnour in the laundry and dishwasher teams; Wilson in the refrigerator and air-control PBTs, and McQuillan in the cooking PBT.

In addition, Herb Rose is director of trade-marketing deployment. He continues as director of allied trade marketing.

All four report to Mike Piraino, the North American Group’s general manager of trade marketing.

According to a Whirlpool … Read More

Mass Merchant Home Centers

Mass merchant home centers such as Home Depot have made life difficult for independent home furnishing retailers, but there are examples of smaller stores that are surviving.

In the lighting sector, independents have tried to avoid competing on price and looked for particular niches for which home centers are less suited, such as high-end items.

Increased competition has forced independents to become more efficient and more customer focused.

There’s one big advantage to being a little fish in a sea of big ones:

You Become A Strong Swimmer To Avoid Being Swallowed

Such is the case of the independent lighting showroom. As such massive home centers as Home Depot, Builders Square, Hechinger, Rickel and others move into town and compete for the consumer’s dollar, the specialized lighting experts must work harder to make it.

According to industry estimates, home centers’ share of the $1.06 billion market for lighting fixtures jumped to 41 percent in 1993, up from 29 percent in ’92, while the specialty stores’ share declined from 58 percent to 51 percent.

In number of units sold, home centers may have surpassed the specialty stores. To counteract this shift, showrooms are becoming more business savvy.

Realizing that they can’t match the buying or promotional power of their gigantic counterparts, the mom-and-pops have had to redefine themselves, often playing up the advantages of their small size and flexibility in order to effectively – and profitably – coexist with the volume retailers.

Successful independents have refocused their merchandise mix, learned to better manage their space and inventory, taken advantage of educational tools offered by vendors and industry associations, and concentrated on customer service.

A New York-based manufacturing executive, Murray Feiss, said he believes the small independents are stronger for … Read More

What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

The meat grinder is an essential kitchen utensil to make your healthy and tasty preparations of meat recipes. Take care to follow our advice to buy a good meat grinder. Consider the three following characteristics before making your choice of meat grinder: the grills and accessories, flow and power for the electric models.

Buying Guide A Good Meat Grinder?

Grids And Accessories

Those who do not know how to buy a meat grinder of a better value must consider the grids and accessories available on the various models proposed.

Choose your future meat grinder according to the use that you will make. With that, a model comes with several grids of different diameters offers the possibility of various preparations: mash, stuffing, sausages, meats, hamburgers.

With a grid with very small holes, you can chop meats, grind the toughest ingredients. With a grid medium sized holes, you can shred softer ingredients to cook your burgers or meatballs. With a coarse grid holes, you can chop big things.

Before using a price comparison, evaluating also what additional accessories you want to get with your meat grinder. Depending on the model, manufacturers can provide an adapter in addition to kebabs, sausages a funnel, a tray or a grater. For storage of these accessories, some models are equipped with a compartment for this purpose.

The Device Speed

Expressed in mg / h or kg / h, the speed is a determining factor in choosing your future meat grinder. That is why we will explain its importance in our purchase of the best meat grinders guide. This rate determines the amount of meat or other chopped ingredients in an hour. Of the semi-professional electric models, it varies between 0.3 kg / h … Read More