What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

The meat grinder is an essential kitchen utensil to make your healthy and tasty preparations of meat recipes. Take care to follow our advice to buy a good meat grinder. Consider the three following characteristics before making your choice of meat grinder: the grills and accessories, flow and power for the electric models.

Buying Guide A Good Meat Grinder?

Grids And Accessories

Those who do not know how to buy a meat grinder of a better value must consider the grids and accessories available on the various models proposed.

Choose your future meat grinder according to the use that you will make. With that, a model comes with several grids of different diameters offers the possibility of various preparations: mash, stuffing, sausages, meats, hamburgers.

With a grid with very small holes, you can chop meats, grind the toughest ingredients. With a grid medium sized holes, you can shred softer ingredients to cook your burgers or meatballs. With a coarse grid holes, you can chop big things.

Before using a price comparison, evaluating also what additional accessories you want to get with your meat grinder. Depending on the model, manufacturers can provide an adapter in addition to kebabs, sausages a funnel, a tray or a grater. For storage of these accessories, some models are equipped with a compartment for this purpose.

The Device Speed

Expressed in mg / h or kg / h, the speed is a determining factor in choosing your future meat grinder. That is why we will explain its importance in our purchase of the best meat grinders guide. This rate determines the amount of meat or other chopped ingredients in an hour. Of the semi-professional electric models, it varies between 0.3 kg / h and 125 kg / h.

You can choose a meat grinder with a large flow, if you want to save time during your cooking, or you plan to use this unit to regularly grind a greater quantity of meat or other products. If it’s only to realize a few pots, a model having a small or medium flow is sufficient.

The Power Electric Choppers

The power of the machine’s motor is the third characteristic to consider if you really want to get the best electric meat grinder. Depending on the model, it ranges from 250 watts to 1600 watts. In fact, it determines the speed or velocity of the apparatus, that is to say the amount of ground meat per hour, as well as its performance.

Anyway, electrical choppers are often adjustable, allowing you to control your own preparations. It should be noted that a more powerful engine is less intensive energy.

After verifying these 3 characteristics, consider another important question: “which meat grinder should you buy? “. Based on meat grinder reviews, we have one product that will satisfy you.

Recommended Meat Grinder

Kenwood MG510

The Kenwood has offered its electric model MG510. It is appreciated for its semi-professional side making the ultra-efficient in your preparations. In practice, it can chop two kilos of meat per minute.

In a dimension of 30.5 cm wide, 36 cm high and 22 cm deep, this material shows a weight of around 7.5 kg. Among the metal parts are the body and the screw. To optimize the design, the manufacturer chose colors inspired by brushed aluminum. Moreover, the device has an automatic shutdown that activates when an overheating occurs at the mechanism. It is also provided with several adapters dedicated to the preparation of kebabs and sausages.

These are easy to store due to the presence of a pusher. This helps avoid potential jams during use. The engine is robust and allows you to prepare your meats with ease and speed. Now you are sure to enjoy fresh meat in your kitchen.

Kenwood MG510 is a grinder with multiple qualities: it is both beautiful, powerful and very practical.

Performance: With a power of 1600 W and a capacity of 2 kg per minute, the MG510 is classified in the category of large volumes. It could potentially be the most efficient choppers.

Design: This model has a very interesting design. Its brushed aluminum is the most beautiful effect, so many people might think that the grinder is stainless steel. Therefore, it is not an accessory in your kitchen anymore, but on the contrary, it contribute to the embellishment.

Complete accessories: To meet the needs of your recipes, it comes with 3 grids: fine, medium, and large. So you can both prepare burgers as pranks or prepare sausage recipes. The chopper also comes with two adapters 1 adapter sausages and Kebbe.

Storage: A push is designed so that you can store your adapter and your schedules. The practical side of this device has not been neglected, which helps explain the many favorable opinions towards the chopper.

Auto Power Off: To avoid overheating, it is able to stop automatically.

Noisy: The MG510 (like many other meat grinders) is quite noisy. But with its capacity of 2 kg / min, you will not have to endure the noise for a long time

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