How To Choose The Right Essential Oil Diffuser?

April 5, 2020

The myriad of information that can be found on the various broadcasters to choose sometimes becomes tricky.

We offer you all the information to help you fully understand what the different categories of broadcasters in order to better choose the one that will meet your expectations and needs.

There are basically five categories of essential oil diffusers. Each has its strengths.

The Foggers

Also called essential oil misting diffuser, it is the most traditional and probably the most effective diffusers.

They always consist of a glass portion and a generally concealed pump in the diffuser base. The principle is, the essential oil is then sucked and blown propelled at high speed against the glass wall, creating a mist of pure essential oil (that is to say, thousands of micro oil particles essential in air). These micro particles are then propelled the top of the glass in your room.

The Strengths Of These Broadcasters Are Numerous:

  •     First, the broadcast is cold, the properties of essential oils are perfectly preserved.
  • The molecules of essential oils are split on impact against the glass (they are micronized, hence, the name sometimes given to this micro diffuser), this frees up active ingredients and scents. This is the best way to leverage the properties of your essential oils.
  • The distribution is based on pure essential oils. These diffusers are powerful and can quickly treat large areas (up to 100 m2 in 30 minutes).
  • The power is adjustable to suit the size of your room and your needs.


  • It requires minimal maintenance (cleaning 1-2 times a month depending on frequency of use)
  • Avoid leaving your essential oils stagnate too long so they do not clog the appliance.

Gentle Heat Essential Oils Diffusers

Their principle is simple. A few drops of essential oils in the palm of the diffuser allows you to enjoy the delicious aroma and properties of your essential oils in your home.

Pure or mixed with a little water, essential oils evaporate naturally, evaporation and diffusion are facilitated and accelerated by the addition of warmth that supplied the machine (nothing to do with the broadcasters using a nickname candle, that burn essential oils).

Several Advantages Of These Gentle Heat Diffusers:

  • The warmth does not degrade the properties of essential oils and facilitates dissemination.
  • The maintenance is very simple, cleaning is done using a simple cloth and a little alcohol.
  • These diffusers are often very attractive and become true decorative objects.
  • They do absolutely no noise
  • Agree to parts of modest size (up to 20 m 2).
  • Dissemination throughout the day.


  • Slower diffusion
  • Less effective in large volumes.
  • Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

Ultrasound Essential Oils Diffusers:

This is the last born of essential oil diffusers, and they are quite the rage right now. This is a “hybrid” device which broadcasts at the same time essential oils and water vapor (as a humidifier).

Like all hybrid devices, it has its fans and detractors. Purists and fans of aromatherapy will prefer the pure essential oils nebulizers that are probably more efficient for an aromatherapy perspective (to optimize the therapeutic properties of essential oils).

The principle of ultrasonic diffusers is: they have a tank that is filled with water + a few drops of essential oils.

A vibrating surface activated by the ultrasound (frequency> 20000 Hz, inaudible) “atomized” into very fine droplets containing water + essential oil which then escapes from the device in the form of mist.

These Diffusers Have Many Advantages:

  • These diffusers diffuse in addition to essential oils from the water vapor.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Programmable for several hours.
  • Allows for distribution of large parts up to 60 to 80 m2.


  • The distribution is slower than with a nebulizer which will disseminate pure essential oils.
  • It is more difficult to control the amount of essential oil that will be broadcast (essential oils are added to the water).
  • The purists will say that we can not do perfectly dissemination of essential oils and moisturizing with a single device (such diffuser is a good compromise, although it is somewhat less effective than aromatherapy nebulizers for the part).

“Roller” Essential Oils Diffusers

Made from white clay, pour a few drops of essential oils, your roller diffuser will absorb then diffuse slowly.

Often with a small metal box, these broadcasters are ideal to be transported very easily. Close the lid and dissemination stop naturally. This will keep the aromas of your oils intact.


  • Very simple diffuser use
  • 100% natural
  • Lightweight and convenient, you can carry it everywhere by car (for sickness or against tobacco odors), at the office, traveling etc …
  • Very convenient to scent your cupboards, your toilet to clean your fridge, or repel moths of your wardrobes.
  • Dissemination cold (no degradation of essential oils)
  • Natural Diffusion
  • Ideal for the (very) small parts


  • Only for small rooms.
  • Slow Diffusion.
  • Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

The “Burners” Of Essential Oils:

These diffusers usually consist of a candle that will “warm up” (or rather burn) a container containing pure essential oil or mixed with a little water. These are actually nothing but chafing dishes.

This type of diffuser is to avoid at all costs as the heat of a candle flame is too hot and will greatly damage the properties of your essential oils.

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